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Community Workshops being offered at Balance Counseling & Wellness in Homewood.

A variety of workshops are being offered on Saturday August 13 from 1-4 pm by professional counselors and interns for only $5 each.  Ticket information can be found at

Balance Counseling Weekend Wellness Groups – Saturday, August 13, 2022

Creative Play; Where Did it Go?

Jeanine Bakker and Deb Majewski

1-3 pm

When was the last time you got lost in the creative process? Research reveals that from ages 3-5, 98% of children show high levels of creativity. By age 10 only 36 % demonstrate that same creative process. Where did it go?  Neuroscience research reveals that creative hobbies have many benefits for the brain, body, and soul. Creative outlets increase neuroplasticity, which contributes to better brain health and overall feelings of wellbeing. 

If you are interested in learning the positive effects of creativity, awakening your creative play through hands-on activities, and are open to sharing your experiences, please come and join us. Those motivated by curiosity are also welcome. 

Know Your Place: Understanding the History and Foundation of African American Discipline


Leah Farr and Jayneisha Marshall


2-3 pm


Participants of this workshop will learn the underlying foundations behind some of the harsh and punitive discipline often used by African American parents to control their teenagers and young adults.  These very real historically-based ideas may no longer be necessary and this workshop will introduce more positive and collaborative ways of disciplining young people that build strong intergenerational relationships based on trust, communication, and mutual respect.  


Couples Bootcamp

Gigi Sappenfield

2-4 pm

Participants in this informative workshop will learn how to nurture positive habits to keep their relationship healthy, and learn to recognize some common pitfalls that can lead to problems in relationships.  A brief introduction to Pragmatic Experiential Couples Therapy will offer participants ideas and techniques to strengthen their bonding and communication skills.  It is not necessary for both members of the couple to attend.


Introduction to Mental Health Counseling: Stop the Stigma!


Jeanette GillStevenson


1-2 pm


Participants in this workshop will learn what to expect from engaging in counseling.  In many cultures there is stigma associated with attending counseling including messages such as "Keep your dirty laundry in the family", "Take it to God", "You should be strong enough to deal with it", "Only crazy people need counseling", and many, many others.  Messages such as these keep many people from talking about problems that counselors are trained to help people process through.  Counseling is different than friendship or family relationships and those differences will be discussed in this workshop to remove the stigma and mystery enabling participants to feel more comfortable talking with a counselor if they feel they would like or need to.  


Self-Care:  How to Prioritize Your Wellness

Beth Wolff

1-3 pm

Participants in this workshop will explore self-care beyond face masks and online shopping binges.  The importance of physical, mental, and spiritual health will be discussed.  Most of us continue to give and do for others without remembering to refill our own cup.  This workshop will give you ideas and techniques to refresh and rejuvenate yourself to avoid fatigue and burnout, how to set appropriate boundaries, say yes to yourself, and overcome barriers that keep you from prioritizing your wellness.  You deserve this!!

Be sure to check back regularly or follow us on social media to stay updated about other future groups & events!

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